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Tour the remnants of the August 1944 uprising led by the Polish Home Army against German occupational forces. The single largest military effort by a European resistance group during WWII, the Warsaw Uprising lasted 63 days with 150,000 civilian deaths and over 80% of Warsaw destroyed.

WYS TIP: Before heading off on your tour, spend a few minutes learning about the uprising through the Warsaw Uprising Museum's Warsaw Rising" online interactive. If short on time, skip ahead to chapters 4, 5, and 8.


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Warsaw Uprising Museum

Grzybowska 79, 00-844

Warsaw's only museum dedicated to the Uprising. Explore three floors of exhibits, including artifacts and footage from the actual event. Cost: 25 PLN per person.


Warsaw Uprising Building Remnants

Waliców 14, 00-851

Stop at Waliców 14 to see the remains of a set of shell-shocked buildings damaged during the Uprising. These private buildings can be viewed from the street.


PASTa Building

Zielna 39, 00-017

One of the first buildings secured by Warsaw insurgents during the Uprising, PASTa, the former home to Warsaw's entire telecommunications network, features commemorative plaques on its facade and a massive Kotwica emblem on its roof.


Prudential Building

Plac Powstańców Warszawy 9, 00-039

Another crucial building secured by Warsaw fighters during the Uprising, this building now operates as a hotel and features excellent views of the city from its 6th-floor Szóstka Restaurant. Rest your feet here with a cocktail and snacks.


Reduta Bank of Poland

Bielańska 10, 00-085

Stop here to see another remnant of the Uprising. The building's bullet-ridden facade is a powerful reminder of the heavy fighting that took place all over the city. A beautiful monument to the Warsaw fighters can be viewed from Bielańska side of the building.


Little Insurgent Monument

Podwale, 00-255

Established on the outer edge of the Old Town walls, the Little Insurgent monument pays tribute to all the children of Warsaw who fought and died during the Uprising.


Warsaw Uprising Monument

plac Krasińskich, 00-263

Your final stop is the Warsaw Uprising Monument. Dedicated in 1989, these massive bronze sculptures honor the 150,000 Varsovians and 16,000 Polish soldiers killed during the Uprising and feature educational panels outlining the Uprising and its lasting legacy on Warsaw and its people.

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